Name: Ark Nakamure Village: Konohagakure
Is That Were They Were Born: No
If Not What Is Their Original Village: No Specific Village
Why Did They Leave: Revenge against parents for ignoring him his whole life.
Clan(s): None
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: November 10
Rank: Special Jounin
Exams Taken: Chunin Exam
Teammates: Taki Ruei

Missions Experience:
A: 20
B: 55
C: 134
D: 138
Chakra Type: Fire / Earth
Ninjutsu Range: Long Range
Defensive or Offensive: Offensive
Chakra Control: 86%
Weapons: Pinapple Blades (, Lunar Blade (
Special Abilities: Scortch Release, Lava Release
Kekkai Genkai: Scortch Release, Lava Release

Animal Summoning:
Animal:  Falcon (Name: Shura)
Appearance: A large Falcon with brown feathers, and a white underbelly. It's wingspan is 56 feet.
Abilities: Shura has eyes that are similar to the Kekkei Genkai of the Hyuga Clan (Byakugan), it gives  her X-Ray Vision and the ability to see chakra and weakpoints of the body.

Specialty Jutsu:
Lava Release: Hidden Lava Technique
Lava Release: Lava Rock Wall
Lava Release: Molten Flesh
Scortch Release: Scortching Firefly Vortex
Scortch Release:  Crimson Ember Dragon

Scortch Volly Field

Falcon Hook Punch
Invisable hook Pondering

Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
Fire Style: Grand Fire Ball
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu
Fire Style: Phoenix Flame Jutsu
Fire Style: Flare Armour
Clone Technique
Shadow Clone Technique

Fuuja Houin - Evil Sealing Method
Ura Shishou - Reverse Four Image Seal

Appearance: Gender: Male
Height: 6'01
Weight: 173 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Medium-long
Hair Up or Down: Down
Cover Part of Their Face: Long bangs
Hair Accessories: None
Eye Color: Blue-green
Flecked Eyes: None
Different Colors: N/A
Headband Location: None
Clothes: Green Thin Vest, Shorts
Shirt: Thin Vest
Pants: Shorts
Accessories: N/A
Fishnets: None
Bandages: None
Markings: N/A


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sibling's: Unknown

Personality: Ark is a cold blooded killer, like Jugo he has an urge to kill, however he does not want to supress it. Ark enjoys killing, and fighting, even if he loses. Though he enjoys fighting and killing he shows honor -in a battle against a shinobi that is anyway- (FIX): Ark more often has a sweet heart but is known to rampage from time to time.

Discribed as:

Likes and Dislikes:

Food: Any form of Steak
Color: Sky Blue
Animal: Falcon
Hobbies: Training, Relaxing, Writing
Activities: Training, Writing
Season: Fall
Person: N/A
Book: N/A
Movie: None
Temperature: Neutral
Mission Type: S-Rank
Nickname: Soul of true justice
Time of Day: Midnight
Day of Week: Friday
Month: February
Flower: None
Place: Where his home used to be
Song: None
Saying: "Don't give up for any reason, see it through to the end!"

Food: Vegitables
Color: None
Animal: Leech
Hobbies:  None
Activities: None
Season: Winter
Person: Nobody
Book: None
Movie: All
Temperature: Cold
Mission Type: C-Rank or lower
Nickname: Killer of own Blood
Time of Day: Morning
Day of Week: Monday
Month: None
Flower: None
Song: None
Saying: "Your useless"


People: None
Events: None
Animals: None
Death: No
Blood: No
Night: No


Friend(s): None
Enem(y/ies): None
Rival(s): None
Crush(s): Taki Ruei (Deceased)
Lover(s): Taki Ruei (Deceased)
Dislikes Them: Nobody

Acquaintance(s): None

Summary: Ark Saduha was born to a very rich and powerful family that controlled most of the worlds shipping and transportation. He was ignored by his parents and raised by their sesrvents, eventually he took on a false Identity as one of them, simply to learn about his parents weaknesses and strengths. He labored for 5 years before getting the information he needed. When he got the information, he left with his friend Taki Ruei. The two of them were nomadic now, searching for a village in which to hide, the village was Konohagakure.
Ark and Taki lived there for 2 years before Taki was killed by a Rouge Assasin from Hoshigakure. Ark traveled day and night to find the assassin, and when he found him he learned this was no mistake, it was an order from his parents. He killed the Assassin and went in search of his parents, the plans he made were already ruined, so he intended on killing them as fast as he could. When the village noticed he hadn't payed rent in months the anbu kicked the door down to locate him, and found all of his plans, his goals, his missions, and his reasons. The Anbu disperced in search of Ark. After killing a squad of Anbu Elite he became an S-Rank Ninja, internationally wanted for killing Anbu from the 5 Great nations, for theft, and for many other crimes.
When he found his parents he killed them mercilessly. He is currently a wanted S-Rank Shinobi, and there is a 14,000,000,000 bounty on him dead or alive, dispite this Ark is honest, reliable, trustworthy, and much more.